Bag Raiders


Prior to meeting Chris and Jack, there is this feeling of nostalgia. Bag Raiders track “Shooting Stars” came out in 2009, when I was 23 and hangovers just didn’t exist. A time when I would love going out late to bars in Kings Cross, and coming home when the sun came up. A period that definitely does not exist for me anymore, and a period now that others just don’t experience, at all (insert rant about Sydney’s lockout laws and dying night life here).
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Reuben Stone

I walk in to this venue, it’s a very cramped space. People are already front and centre watching Tom Ward perform. At the top of the stairs I notice this guy standing next to me, in a very incognito manner. He was a man in this furry jacket and dark shades across his eyes. His arms are folded, just staring at the stage, with a huge smile across his face. Continue reading…

Pierce Brothers

Pierce Brothers had just finished their set at BPMF, as they both walk off stage I’m greeted with a massive hug from the two of them. Jack kicks off his shoes, “My God it’s so hot on stage, Oh and have you met our sister? We’re celebrating this weekend because she beat cancer. We had all our friends and family over last night and decided to continue celebrating with her today. Mind if she stays for the interview?”.
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SAFIA Interview

I’ve heard you describe that “External” was written in depiction of some of the more negative aspects of the music industry- what are they?
Insert three blank faces, and a couple of “UMMS” right here. Not gonna lie, sheer panic kicks in here. Should’ve stuck to this question about burgers. “Sorry I’ll ask something else.”
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